Secure the germination rate of your stocks

Are you a seed producer? Discover a new standard of conservation, under modified atmosphere, for your seeds.

Each year, 5% of the seed lots are no longer marketable.

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    stock lots
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    minimum lot value
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    of downgraded lots
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    of annual losses! (at least)

360° protection for your seeds

Nox is the new modified atmosphere solution for the complete protection of your seeds. We have developed a patented preservation process based on a CO.

  • Insulation
    Isolates the grain from the outside environment, prevents insect attacks and the regaining of moisture.
  • Reduction
    Slows down the growth of micro-organisms and protects against oxidation
  • Elimination
    Totally eliminates the insects already present in the batch, without any insecticide treatment.

Industrialize modified atmosphere protection

Discover our new flexible and turnkey solution, allowing you to pack independently.

  • rack storage in Nox big bag

    Large-scale conditioning

    • Bag your seeds quickly and on a large scale in Nox big bags.

    • Easily integrate our packaging process into your existing industrial line.

    • Train to be operational in one day.
  • germination analysis

    Protect your seeds completely

    • Maintain a natural protection around your seeds with the modified atmosphere.

    • Secure their quality over a long period of time without using cold storage.

    • Take your samples without disturbing the conservation thanks to the valves integrated into the big bags.
  • truck loading of seeds

    Simplify your processes

    • Reduce your pest & rodent monitoring plans.

    • Lighten your seed multiplication plans by avoiding duplication every year.

    • Anticipate & meet your delivery deadlines: produce from the beginning of the campaign with seeds already ready.

Nox, how to get it?

We coordinate your installation project from A to Z, in direct dialogue with the Production, Quality & Logistics departments of your site.

  • 1

    Contact & visit
    We define your needs and constraints. We visit your site to get to know your operating environment and existing equipment.

  • 2

    Design of your offer
    We design your offer and the schedule for its implementation.

  • 3

    Installation & start-up
    We install the line and train your staff in its use. We start up the installation with you.

Receive our free scientific dossier.

Everything you need to know about field crop seed saving in a modified atmosphere.

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Over 15,000 tonnes already protected!

They already trust us

We have been using Nox big bags for 2 years and more than 100 tons of different species have been bagged. In lentils, the result is irrefutable: no living insects were present on the batches that had been packed in Nox at harvest. 

Cristophe Guitton - Director

After 1 year of tests, we stored this summer under CO₂ more than 40 tons of lentils and upon opening we did not observe any live insects. 

Louis Ailloud - Station Manager

Why Nox?

We come from the same world as you. We develop natural and common sense solutions on an industrial scale for the agriculture of tomorrow.

  • Trade

    Our business is modified atmosphere storage.
    Our ambition is to make it a new standard for seed storage.

  • Technical expertise

    Our solution is the result of research work by INRA and various international agricultural research institutes.

  • Patented solution

    Our process is patented and our research and innovation efforts are ongoing, in line with the needs of our users.

  • French company

    We are a young and independent French company, located north of Toulouse, in Villemur-sur-Tarn (31).

  • CEPP Certification

    Nox allows you to recover your mandatory CEPP credits under the French national Ecophyto 2+ plan.

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