Riz de Vully - Blaise Guillot

Good system. The big bags do not take up any space when empty. We fill them with a grain sucker but it takes a little patience and time.

Stored product: rice

Eric Fradetal

Simple and effective. Don't forget to let the air out to empty the bag, otherwise the head of the bag will be sucked into the emptying spout. Otherwise, what else can I say: that the idea is brilliant for chemical-free conservation.

Stored product: malting barley

Ferme du Menez - Paul Hascoet

I work 80 hectares in organic farming, mainly on bread wheat and rapeseed, for on-site processing. After validation with my buyer, the Nox big bags allowed me to protect my production from humidity and insect threats for several months, at a more interesting cost than storage in a traditional silo. 

Stored products: wheat, rape

GAEC Guelet - Florine Guelet

The installation is very simple and quick. The product seems to behave well inside the bags.

Stored products: lentils, buckwheat, chia, camelina

Jean Christophe Lapasse

Limits losses due to bruchid activity.

Stored product: lenses

EARL Pilet - Bertrand Pillet

Impeccable for seed conservation...

Stored products: quinoa and pulses

EARL Couroux - Nicolas Couroux

Overall satisfied, only the emptying of the big bags can be tricky.

Stored product: lenses

SCEA la Gerbelle - André Quenard ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This enables us to guarantee the maltster a well-preserved barley, free from parasites, which is his biggest fear. Similarly, storage in big bags is easier to manage with regard to rodents. So far, no bags have been damaged by rats. One thing's for sure: if all goes well on the cultivation front, we'll be seeing each other again next year!

Stored product: barley

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