Become a certified Nox conditioner.

Rejoignez un réseau unique en son genre.
Proposez un service complet et professionnel de conditionnement sous CO₂ à vos clients, basé sur la technologie Nox®.

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    Become a Nox referent in your area. 

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    Enhance your range of services for your customers.  

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     Increase your sales.  

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Why Nox?

We design natural, common-sense solutions on an industrial scale for tomorrow's agriculture.

  • Trade

    Our business is modified atmosphere storage.
    Our ambition is to make it a new standard for agricultural preservation.

  • Technical expertise

    Our solution is the culmination of research carried out by INRAE and other international agricultural research institutes.

  • Patented solution

    Our process is patented and our research and innovation efforts are ongoing, in line with the needs of our users.

  • French company

    We are a young and independent French company, located north of Toulouse, in Villemur-sur-Tarn (31).

  • CEPP Certification

    Nox allows you to claim CEPP credits under the French national Ecophyto 2+ plan.

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